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As the Phinma Corporation had the inspiration and commitment to design the Solano Hills development along the lines of a country lodge, they had the foresight to provide an appropriate setting around the residential buildings, with walkways, open spaces and colourful gardens emulating some of the greatest country settings. Knowing that for many though, relaxation and recreation meant more than just a walk in the countryside, they included other, more urban amenities.

The children’s playground and pool of course will keep many children happy for hours without them having to worry about traffic on the busy streets and the adult pool and jogging paths can keep the most active adults in shape, especially as they no longer have the often strenuous work commutes to make daily.

The recreation room, function hall and clubhouse, although perhaps not used on a daily basis, are very convenient for family gatherings or other social meetings, even as venues for business meetings when appropriate.

No home owner though can feel truly relaxed unless they know that they, their families and their possessions are safe and secure and so for that reason, the developer ensured adequate safety and security measures were in place for Solano Hills.

Without the stresses of worrying about safety or security, long commutes to work and easy opportunities for weekend breaks out of the Metro Manila region, young professionals can enjoy the relaxed yet sophisticated lifestyle they deserve. As for many, most of their recreational pursuits can be catered to by the many amenities within the project, more time can be devoted to those, ensuring a full but pleasant experience both in and out of work.

  • 5 storey alavator hallway type
  • 1 elevator per building
  • Fire-hose cabinets on every floor
  • Fire exits on every floor
  • Parking Space
  • Pool
  • Clubhouse
  • Emergency Lightning for common areas
  • Ramp for People with disabilities
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • 24- Hour Roving Security
  • UP to 60% Open Space
  • Fire Alarms and Sprinkler System
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